As you peruse the team's backgrounds, you will discover that we value higher education and specialized training. Many of our stylists not only have countless classes and certifications pertaining to innovative color techniques and the latest hair trends but have attended college and studied outside of their current profession. 


Carla Yamanaka

carla yamanak

Carla thrives on keeping Mizu Salon a well-oiled machine, making sure that each and every team member focuses on growth and harmony.  As a stylist and in-salon educator, color formulation and design is her passion right up there with makeup, brow design and special occasion up designs. She loves making women feel prettier.

With a strong belief in growth through education and experience, Carla always has ideas brewing in that head of hers, such as Aveda Congress and Master Jam in Europe. Carla’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business at SJSU, and countless classes and certifications throughout the years from names such as Aveda, Keratin Complex, Alterna, Pureology, Deva Curl, Brazilian Blowout, Hot Heads Extensions, NaturaLash, Mac, Goldwell, etc.

Because of Carla’s dedication to Mizu Salon, she has managed to mesh her passion for dog rescue within the work place. As of 2014, her non-profit dog rescue found homes for 52 dogs through Mizu Salon. 



Jessica, Senior Stylist, Makeup Artist & Lash Extension Specialist

Jessica is our most detailed, intricate, and patient artist. Starting out as an Apprentice in 2008, her innate talents navigated towards detail and intricacy. It's hard to define her greatest strength because there are many. Let's start with cutting... special effects makeup, lash extensions, brow design, hair extensions and color. Wow! 

Jessica comes from a place where education means opportunity. Aveda’s extensive advanced classes has taken Jessica to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis and Las Vegas (God forbid!). Other training include Kryolan makeup, Hot Heads Extensions, Joico, Goldwell, NaturaLash, Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Complex. 

What thrills Jessica? Tattoos designed by Jeff at Seventh Son Tattoo. She is covered with amazing designs that tell a story. She also loves trotting around the world to places such as Australia, Barcelona, England, Portutgal and The Azores.  Let’s not forget her flip side.  She makes specialty cupcakes…very sweet.


Amy, Senior Stylist

Amy joined Mizu in November 2011. After taking several years off to care for her young children, Amy decided it’s time to get back in the game. Shadowing and assisting Master Stylist Carla Yamanaka has proven invaluable. Countless Aveda classes and an innate ability to tame, manage, and sculpt unruly hair has hurled Amy to the top. Through all her hard work and tenacity, she was promoted in October of 2016 to Senior Stylist. 

Amy has mastered many classes with Aveda, Keratin Complex, Brazilian Blowout and Hot Heads Extensions. 

When not at the Salon, Amy loves shopping at Nordstrom and on the flip side, trotting through the Half Moon Bay Farmer’s Market for fresh quality delights. Her best times are spent playing with her two young ones.



Camille, Stylist

Camille, Stylist

Camille walks with purpose. When she stomps in with her black boots everyone knows it. All of that 5’1” has arrived for another glorious day. Camille brings to the table a great attitude and hilarious sense of humor. She has a nickname for everyone.

Way back in 2008, Camille decided to launch her career at Mizu Salon as an assistant. What a great choice for this native HMB girl!

Throughout the years, she has taken numerous Aveda Purefessional classes, countless in-salon classes and even had the opportunity to attend Aveda Congress 2015. She is certified with Hot Heads Extensions, Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Complex. Camille discovered that she excels in highlighting and has mastered the art under the watchful eyes of the senior staff here at Mizu.

Camille’s favorite country is Italy, where her grandpa comes from. Numerous trips back to the old country has made her an Italian cuisine aficionado. 


Taran, Stylist

Taran joined the Mizu Team with 8 years of experience as a stylist already under her belt. Raised on a cattle ranch in Hollister, this California girl spent her early years as a stylist in San Diego at a fast-paced salon. Taran is already taking advantage of the opportunities here with the bounty of education offered here at Mizu.

Taran is also learning advanced cut and color techniques at Aveda classes. Taran has an entrepreneurial heart and a strong work ethic. Her "days off" are actually dedicated to her small business based on her creation called "La Onda" -- it's a delicious almond pâté -- yum!!

Her nature is her strength. Taran is soft spoken, kind and such a sweet person. But don't be fooled...that sense of humor is wicked. She loves laughing and cracking up at all the goings on at Mizu Salon. Her sidekick Kodiak, an Australian Shepherd, comes to work too and she's got that little boy trained...amazing he even speaks Spanish!





The calming presence amidst the energy on a busy day at the salon... Diane's gift of nurturing each person in the salon has blessed us so! After earning her BS in Public Relations and a brief stint in the corporate world, Diane listened to her heart and pursued her passion for skincare. Her gift to us is her ability to transform your skin, bringing it to balance. A Bay Area Native, she now lives happily in La Honda.



Don, Accountant

Carla's sidekick at home is also her sidekick at the Salon. Don has been with Mizu since its inception. Without his dedication and support, Mizu wouldn't have progressed to its current success and high standards.









Tyler, Salon Manager & Barber

The glue that holds the place together, thank you Tyler! This man is graced with the gift of gab. He is highly intelligent and as witty as it gets. He makes us laugh and walk the fine line of inappropriate behavior... perfect! 

But let's honor his accomplishments first. Spoiled and underexposed, this privileged thing floated through life on the private school path. From Bellarmine to Emerson for his BS in Marketing! Well thank goodness he joined Mizu Salon where he came to a startling halt... meet Carla Yamanaka from Hilo Hawaii's school of hard knocks! Here he has been training diligently three times a week on live models and quickly climbing the technical and skill ladder. WOW MOM WOW!!

This budding talent is finishing up his apprenticeship program within Mizu Salon and starts with a Junior stylist status in June 2017. Be there!!

The Pack The old guy on our team is Zeke Yamanaka and he is 17 years old (Zeke's the black and white one in the center). Zeke has showed up to work on time almost every day since the Salon opened.  His style is aloof and arrogant... he gets all the girls. Zeke's brother, Andy Yamanaka, is a wolf in sheep's clothing. With Andy, look out for your calves, ankles, and fingers. Count them after your appointment. And for God's sake don't look him in the eye.

The Pack

The old guy on our team is Zeke Yamanaka and he is 17 years old (Zeke's the black and white one in the center). Zeke has showed up to work on time almost every day since the Salon opened.  His style is aloof and arrogant... he gets all the girls. Zeke's brother, Andy Yamanaka, is a wolf in sheep's clothing. With Andy, look out for your calves, ankles, and fingers. Count them after your appointment. And for God's sake don't look him in the eye.


Front Desk & Staff

Marisa is our Front Desk Lead. After spending a couple years in island paradise, she decided to return home because she missed Mizu so much! She is the perfect combination of amazing work ethic, kind spirit, and attention to detail. Welcome back, Marisa... oh we missed you so much!

Tatiana, Anna, Cami, and Lauren are our amazing Front Desk Assistants. We are really lucky to have them on our team. These high-achievers come in every day bringing their A Game, and we can't thank them enough for it. Come in and meet them – they are known for their strong and healing hand treatments. 


Fabiola is our wonderful Cosmetology Apprentice. She has been at Mizu Salon as a front desk assistant beginning in high school. She is now pursuing a career as a hair stylist. Her work ethic is amazing and we feel truly blessed. She is quickly coming into her own as she discovers her innate talent for hair through all of the education provided by Carla.

She is looking forward to all the Aveda Education available to her. Learning "on-the-job" will greatly benefit this budding junior talent. 

Our mission at Mizu Salon is to provide services with a commitment to enhancing beauty, each other, the industry, our community, and the world around us. We believe in organic products, recycling, and renewable resources to take care of our precious ‘aina (earth). Through education, teamwork, kindness, and sincerity, we humbly strive to maintain and care for our environment and each other to bring out the beauty that lives within all of us.


Mizu's professionals are highly-trained experts. Our stylists are required to attend advanced courses taught by industry leaders as well as in-house education classes. We also attend such shows as the annual Aveda Fashion Show in San Francisco and Aveda Congress hosted at Aveda Headquarters for specialty training. 


In February 2006 a dream turned into reality when the doors of Mizu Salon opened for business. Influenced by Japanese and Hawaiian cultures, salon owner Carla Yamanaka chose the name Mizu, meaning water.

Water is one of nature’s most powerful elements and is closely connected to the feminine, the psyche, and intuition. Water also represents balance and harmony. Water – fluid, flowing, and formless – adapts to its environment and changes course when necessary. These concepts have been translated into the symbol of the Salon.

As you travel down your chosen path you will adapt and change too. The staff at Mizu Salon will help you shape and form the vision you want to see reflected in the mirror. Adapt and change to your environment and embrace life’s challenges by looking and feeling your best.

Welcome to Mizu Salon